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The Making of a Champion

The Making of a Champion
Award Season:2020-21
Category:Website, Consumer
Entry Name:The Making of a Champion
Company:The Making of a Champion An Equine Network and Boehringer Ingelheim Film
Agency:Equine Network
Contributors:Tom Winsor
Melissa Kitchen, Executive Producer
Mariah Hammerschmidt, Supervising Producer
Summer B. Simpson, Editor, Episode Writer and Graphics
Stan Bush, Co Episode Writer
Zachery Baker, Director of Photography and Camera Operator
Colin Witherill, Camera Operator
Alex Witkowicz, Camera Operator
Adam Zielinski, Camera Operator
Brian Canavan, Camera Operator
Salty Roan, Productions – Bart Herje, Camera Operator
Peder Morganthaler – Fame Linear, Colorist
Chip Sovek – Spinn Creative, Sound Design