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The 2023 VETTY Awards is Now Accepting Entries!

Introducing a New Sustainability Category.

Recognizing Marketing Excellence in the Animal Health Care Industry

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Why Enter The VETTY® Awards?

Enter the NAVC’s annual animal health marketing awards program and shine a spotlight on your award winning marketing. Not only do we make it easy to enter (no long narratives or explanatory essays necessary), we also provide you an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the work that you do. This program is meant to showcase the best of the best in marketing within the animal health care industry. Read below to learn more.

2022 VETTY Awards® winners who had booths at VMX 2023 were announced as having award winning marketing by floor decals in the VMX 2023 Expo Hall.

Take a Bow as the Best of Show!

Here’s a look at what you get as a VETTY Awards® winner:

  • Recognition both during and after VMX, the world’s largest gathering of animal health care professionals.
  • Your name and entry featured on the VETTY Awards® exhibit booth centrally located inside the VMX Expo Hall.
  • If you have a trade show booth at VMX, floor decals are placed in front of your booth.
  • Grand prize winners are recognized on stage during an awards ceremony at VMX, the world’s largest stage in animal health care, before a Monday night concert.
  • Recognition on website.
  • Downloadable badge/artwork that can be added to your website, email signature or other print or digital marketing.
  • To help spread the news, winners also receive a digital Winner Announcement Kit, including press release template, social media post templates, social media graphics, and other resources to announce their award.

Need More Reasons?

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why being recognized as the top dog or the cat’s meow in the VETTY Awards® can make a difference for you and your company!

Remember Your Successes
You’ve spent the last year working on innovative and creative marketing projects. The VETTY Awards® gives you the opportunity to take a step back, look at what you were able to accomplish, and realize the work you’ve done.

Celebrate All Year
The VETTY Awards® winners are notified just before the first of the year. The announcement is made in January during VMX, the world’s largest gathering of animal health professionals. This means that you’ll have year-long bragging rights of being a VETTY Awards® winner!

Prestige and Positioning
The VETTY Awards® are the NAVC’s prestigious annual marketing awards program dedicated to animal health care. Entries come in from across the globe. This makes the VETTY Awards® program highly competitive, and it means that winning a VETTY Award® truly means you are among the best of the best.

Client Retention
Grand Prize winners, along with their clients and/or company executives, are invited to walk across the world’s largest stage in animal health care – during the VMX annual Monday night awards ceremony and concert attended by thousands of veterinary industry professionals! Gold and silver winners receive medals, and bronze winners receive certificates to frame. In all cases, duplicate awards can be ordered and passed on to clients. This is a great way to solidify your company’s reputation with high-level decision makers and strengthen relationships you have developed in the market.

New Business
Let’s face it. Winning at the VETTY Awards® gives you bragging rights. You should proudly display crystal trophies, medals, and certificates in your office. Potential clients want to hire the best in the business and having an award from the VETTY Awards® certainly helps solidify the decision to hire you.

Employee Morale
Your team worked hard and deserves the recognition too. Winning a VETTY Award® gives you the opportunity to celebrate them and their hard work, which ultimately boosts morale.

Talent Recruitment
The most sought-after creative talent is often drawn to the most innovative and award-winning companies. Winning an award from the VETTY Awards® should be incorporated in your recruitment efforts.

Setting the Example
Being selected as a VETTY Awards® winner sends a message to the rest of the animal health care industry that your company is producing work recognized as the industry example. (We think this is a pretty cool place to be.)

Curious About How to Enter?

We keep entering the VETTY Awards® easy. After all, you have already done the hard work to market
products, programs and services to keep our furry, feathered and scaly friends healthy and happy.