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VMX 2022 – DeliverEase Tablet Campaign

VMX 2022 – DeliverEase Tablet Campaign
Award Season:2022
Category:Campaign – B2B/Trade
Entry Name:VMX 2022 – DeliverEase Tablet Campaign
Company:Wedgewood Pharmacy
Agency:In-House – Wedgewood Pharmacy
Contributors:Jenn Horner, Event Manager
Hannah Merachnik, Marketing Coordinator
Lauren Booth, Director of Integrated Marketing
Lisa White, Assistant Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer
Melissa Hofberger, Customer Insights Manager
EMC Outdoor
ZigZibit (Pinnacle)
Jodi Donohue, Vice President Product Management
Dan Rowan, Chief Commercial Officer
VMX 2022 Booth Staff – AJ, Kristen, Rajshree, Scotty, Meghann