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The 2023 VETTY Awards is Now Accepting Entries!

Introducing a New Sustainability Category.

Recognizing Marketing Excellence in the Animal Health Care Industry

The visual aspects of your entries are crucial. This is why it is important to upload an image, video, pdf or link to visuals for the project. We do not require any long summaries or explanatory essays. This is not a results-based competition. Our judges are asked to make decisions based on the following:

  • Strength of concept
  • Visual appeal
  • Message persuasiveness
  • Relevance to the intended audience
  • Overall creativity

Entries are never judged against other entries. Rather, each entry is judged on its own merit.

We have seen this accomplished using several methods. Some create a multi-page PDF (a single file) with various images that showcase the different campaign strategies. Some upload individual images (.pdfs, .pngs, or .jpgs) with their entries (limited to 10). Others have provided a link to a site that includes several images or videos related to the campaign. The choice is yours.

There is no time limit for the length of video entries.

We prefer that you submit high-resolution images over low-resolution images. This is because we produce a video that showcases each of the award winners and we want to display your entry properly. However, to be more specific, we have a maximum file size of 200 mb.

We require at least one supporting attachment or link to see your entry. You are allowed up to a maximum of 10 attachments/links for each entry.